My name is William Northup and this blog is a bit of a project. Ever since I was a child, I loved to rant write about issues I felt were topical but weren’t being completely described or adequately covered by the major media outlets. Even with the rise of the internet, it seems to me that a national conversation of sorts still exists with gaps in its perspective.

This blog hopes to do more than merely criticize a dominant minority of media that won’t do everything I want. I’ve been told by an alarming number of friends that the odds-and-ends I post on Facebook are one of their major news sources. My project here is an attempt at more directly filling in the blanks left by mainstream media coverage – to not only identify but also help solve the problem when I can.

I’m worried that the issues touched on here might sometimes be overwhelmingly depressing. So, I’ve drawn up a schedule for each and every weekday – two posts of adorable things and one post on the news which is subject to change. There will be an additional, short post on most weekends linking briefly to a few interesting news items from the previous week and covering any potential blog housekeeping.

This isn’t a news blog that will give you the immediate scoop on an issue. Instead, it’s an effort to fill in the spaces left behind in coverage over some time. If you want something more immediate, under my tag line are a few links to blogs that I find extremely useful resources for more immediate information. I absolutely recommend reading them to see unique perspectives on not only topical but breaking stories.

I also write (a little more regularly) over at Velociriot!.


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