Warren and Piketty discussion on Monday

This Monday beginning at 8:30 pm Eastern (5:30 pm Pacific), Senator Elizabeth Warren (who is widely considered the populist voice in the current Senate) and French economist Thomas Piketty (who has galvanized the modern movement to contain capital flight) will have a conversation about economic and political issues that will be broadcast by the Huffington Post on a link accessible to you if you RSVP here. You also have the option of submitting questions ahead of time in the middle of registering as a listener.

As always, I will be liveblogging about this discussion on twitter, which you can follow along with here if you don’t already follow me on that platform. Recent statements by both Senator Warren and Piketty have actually led to many questioning how effective they are as advocates for policies that would reduce economic inequality, so this should be interesting to see whether either of them challenges the other based on those recent controversies. Senator Warren has famously stated that political insiders never attack other political insiders (at least, for being that), so this may in a weird way function as a litmus test to see how capable of self criticism both of these influential progressive thinkers are.

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