Conspiracies and the road to civil war

TW: 2013 Egyptian Coup, Islamist violence, inter-faith conflict, civil war

You might not hear much about this in the news, but various outlets are reporting that the interim Egyptian government is considering once again illegalizing membership in the Muslim Brotherhood, during a period of Brotherhood-organized mass protests against the recent coup and after allegations that the Brotherhood had weapons stored in its headquarters.

(Egyptian protesters in March asking the military to dismantle the democratically-elected Brotherhood-affiliated government. This is has long been a question of two evils, from here.)

That information is admittedly newer than the claims that the Brotherhood is targeted Coptic Christians with extreme violence, but it seems like it’s something more than that those reports are older than prompted prominent US politicians, such as Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) to tweet:

There’s an actual cottage industry of sorts that’s popped up in the past few days, which has worked to reduce all the current violence in Egypt at this time of instability (as the military has permitted some protest over the coup) to the attacks on Coptic Christians.

It’s appalling obvious we’re seeing a campaign to legitimize US support for an indiscriminate crackdown on any activists the military finds troubling, which likely includes many Christian individuals. If successful, what little hope we could have in the coup (that it would allow an improved constitutional drafting process and consequently a more stable democratization) would seem to go up in smoke.

Curiously, this would serve at least some of the goals of both the Brotherhood and the military, in that it would justify their militant stances towards each other and anyone caught in the crossfire (hint: again that includes the majority of Coptic Christians and Egyptians in general). The various US-focused Christian media outlets involved in this are effectively rooting for civil war to break out in Egypt.

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One thought on “Conspiracies and the road to civil war

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