Transgender and genderqueer self knowlegde

I’m just briefly going to post today with the suggestion that you, esteemed reader, might want to consider donating to the still-developing Transgender Studies Quarterly (or TSQ), which appears to be working to primarily create an academic space friendly to transgender- and genderqueer-centered evaluations of psychology, history, politics, and frankly humanity. In tandem with that is a subsidiary aim of making a platform for transgender and genderqueer peoples’ analysis of gendered phenomena, which are often ignored in favor of cisgender peoples’ perspectives.

It’s honestly a really well thought out publication from what they’ve indicated so far. The high visibility and power held by Dr Susan Stryker, one of its editors, seems like a very clear sign of how as a space, the TSQ is built on the very active inclusion of and support for transgender women, who often have to face a sexist and cissexist funk of transmisogyny even within purported trans-friendly spaces.

(The transfeminist symbol used by many theorists and activists that view sexist and cissexism as often interrelated, from here.)

Likewise, the third planned installment of the TSQ is set aside to discuss how the experience of being transgender is to some extent reliant on being raised within a European-style gender binary, which many societies (namely in the Americas, Oceania, and South Asia) had imposed on them through colonialism. I recently wrote about how liberation from heterosexist systems can in some cases be part of an anti-colonial struggle, but that’s equally true for the liberation movements for various traditional third gender-assigned or otherwise genderqueer people.

It’s important to note what kind of a space the TSQ is aimed at becoming: one that’s designed for a discussion ideally both by and for transgender and genderqueer people, but that’s also capable of addressing factors that intersect with those already diverse experiences – particularly including femininity and cultural diversity. This has the promise to be a really unique academic space, so I hope you’ll consider supporting it.

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