This week in “states’ rights”

Monsanto, a genuinely terrible biotech company, is trying to prevent states from enacting local regulations on the use, sale, or resale of genetically modified products. Isn’t it funny how states’ rights is sacrosanct when it comes to federal protections for marginalized people but are a needless burden when it comes to public safety concerns? And by funny I mean awful.

(Genetically modified ingredients are founds in 80 percent of packaged food in the United States, which requires no labeling of them. From here.)

The issue has largely been declared irrelevant in the United States, in spite of consistent scientific evidence that long term exposure to many of the popular genetically modified products can result in health problems in humans. There’s a distressing amount of misinformation about the political situation and medical concerns at play here – so I urge anyone interested in this issue to read the Organic Consumers’ Association’s accounts of the lobbying by Monsanto for friendly protections in the farm bill and one of the more recent and detailed studies on the chemical impacts of long term exposure to some of their more prevalent products.

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