Maddow nailed it

Now, if you’ve been reading this blog for a long time, you know I’m not going to avoid pointing out worrisome statements even from journalists or media personalities that I happen to think do some good for us all. That’s a rule for myself – not even Rachel Maddow is above criticism. But her piece from earlier this week on the discrepancy between the sort of questions asked of the Obama administration by average citizens and members of the media is pretty much flawless.

(Her piece comes after the White House Press Corps complaining about their lack of access to the President to question him over his meeting with former competitive golfer, Tiger Woods. Photo from here.)

Watch the whole thing – it’s a few seconds longer than five minutes, but it’s an incredible and even revolutionary point packed into there. In short, the average citizen doesn’t have the resources to do journalism, but we have to at least approximate it when actual journalists have transformed into stenographers and gossips.

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