A new schedule, perhaps

Hey everyone, so firstly, I’m going to experiment with a new posting schedule this week. Instead of a solid block of news posts Monday through Friday, I’m going to have one on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. I’ll have cute posts once per day Monday through Saturday on the other hand. Since many people tend to have better things to do on Friday and Saturday nights than sit at home and read my thoughts about the debt ceiling or islamophobia, those two news posts will be a bit earlier in the day, compared to the early evening (at least by West coast time) posts on Monday and Wednesday.

Part of what’s prompting this change is the new post schedule over at the always fun Velociriot! where you’ll also be able to read a post by me almost every Monday and Wednesday. As part of the new site schedule though, we’re currently quite interested in any work someone would like to submit to the site. Let us know if you like analyzing or reporting on issues with a feminist and lgbt*-inclusive perspective and have any ideas you’d like to share!

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