Wars, wars, wars…

In the immortal lyrics of Janelle Monáe, “this is a cold war, do you know what you’re fighting for?” Do you know what districting solutions your parties have come up with? Mother Jones has some answers that might surprise you.

(A comparison of proportions of party vote and electoral outcomes.)

When you’re done working out what’s going on there, look over New York Magazine’s recent piece on how the class war maps to the electoral wars. Guess who won on the seventh? Money loses as long as we’re one-person-one-vote, even if there’s a little skewing going on, as you can see above.

Beside that, it’s clear that the war between the parties is also about what’s real. John McCain would have you know that Iran-Contra was as innocent as a newborn babe, unlike some theoretical conspiracy surrounding Benghazi. Because apparently by “no one died”, McCain meant that no one White died. Apparently, this is part of the new “friendlier” Republican Party’s message – denial of mass atrocities on the American taxpayers’ dime. At least they’re no longer arguing that the massacres were just and right?

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