Undeniable proof

TW: racist slurs, excessive use of force by police, criminalization of people of color

This week a post on Up-Worthy saw a huge spike in popularity, as the corresponding YouTube video gained several hundred thousand views. The video includes recorded evidence showing both the racist underbelly of the “stop and frisk” policy in New York City and anonymous testimony from police officers of how their commitment to the policy is coerced by the NYPD. Watch it, but be warned there’s some really harsh language:

Around the same time, Dodd-Frank reentered the national conversation as US political campaigns gear up for the last two weeks until the 2012 elections. It you’re at all confused about the bill and how it regulates the financial industry, you can read it in full and have its impacts broken down by section over at Bloomberg Business Week. Although, you might want to just trust their summary given the size of it!

Visual Synopsis of Dodd Frank
(The entire bill, laid out and with brief explanations of key sections.)

Finally, in the midst of all these other transparency efforts, the Obama campaign released a memo alleging that the Gallup polls of “likely voters” this year are unusually biased. The slant is uniquely against Democratic candidates because of new series of questions used to screen for the likelihood of a person voting. As Gallup expects “likely voters” to have voted at their current address previously, they seem to disproportionately disqualify lower-income voters, urban area voters, and voters of color – all strongly Democratic-leaning demographics. The case is pretty convincingly made that Gallup is now a polling outlier akin to Rasmussen. It’s additionally interesting to see these sort of arguments having to come from campaigns rather than the media, as many major media outlets wouldn’t independently investigate the discrepancies between Gallup and other polling firms without an explanation for why they may be finding different results.

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One thought on “Undeniable proof

  1. Matthew says:

    Thanks in particular for the link to the Up-Worthy post. It’s incredible to me that the law-and-order folk don’t seem to mind racism in law enforcement.

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