Live-blogging for this week

Just like last week I’ll be live blogging some of the major political debates this week – namely Scott Brown’s and Elizabeth Warren’s third debate on Wednesday, October 10, at 4 pm Pacific; and the Vice Presidential Debate between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan on Thursday, October 11, at 6 pm Pacific. As always, the live blogging will be on my twitter account.

I unfortunately missed the rather interesting debate last week between Mark Takano and John Tavaglione, both candidates for California’s newly created 41st district, in and around Riverside, California. If you’re catching up like me, you can find videos of the entire debate here. I’m also on the look out for any information on debates between the candidates for either the 20th or 21st congressional districts of Texas – the former because it involves Representative Joaquín Castro, the latter because it might prove to be a tight three-way race between incumbent Republican Lamar Smith, Democratic challenger Candace Duval, and Libertarian and potential spoiler Patrick Henry Liberty (yes, seriously). If you know of any upcoming debates involving any of those three races, please let me know! The most I’ve been able to find on the Texas 21st, for instance, is that those three candidates will read prepared statements at another political debate a week from Monday.

Likewise, if there’s any other political debates this week you’d like to see covered, leave a comment below!

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