Everyone’s on strike

This was a week of strikes. Throughout Southern California, one of the largest walk-outs by Walmart employees was held yesterday in protest of working conditions. The non-unionized organizers chose to use that tactic, rather than the archetypal, picket-line strike of indefinite length, because it carries much lower risk of participants being terminated. In Israel, the Haaretz newspaper’s staff responded to management announcements of downsizing 100 employees with a general strike yesterday, which might continue today and for following days if negotiations don’t occur. Meanwhile, unemployed and underemployed youth, some of whom were homeless, began some light rioting as well yesterday, creating a bonfire of tires in Hammam-Lif, Tunisia, before being driven off public roads by (not very graphic, but some police violencepolice using tear gas.

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One thought on “Everyone’s on strike

  1. Michael says:

    It’s about time! The middle class has been getting clobbered that last 30 years while the rich haven’t been this well-off since the 1930’s. I hope it’s the start of a trend!

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