Conspiracies everywhere

TW: islamophobia, censorship, class inequality

The past weeks have seen quite a few people discussing whether conspiracies are actually afoot in all sorts of contexts. In Egypt, Hani Shukrallah pointed out that the anti-blasphemy protests in Cairo have forced the Muslim Brotherhood to politically move rightward to appeal to Islamists and have reinforced islamophobic stereotypes of violent Muslims in the United States, Europe, and Israel. He deliberately posits that if a conspiracy is at work, it’s probably not direct cooperation between Islamists and islamophobes, but rather an unhealthy and violent codependency. You should know the drill by now – repressive governments need terrorists to justify them, terrorists need a repressive government to justify them. Replace those two groups with virtually any mutually opposed violent groups. They’re secretly dependent on each other, and preventing conflicts requires identifying that.

Meanwhile, Tom over at The Sound and Noise has pointed out the terrifying “evidence” used to subpoena two different US citizens to grand juries on charges of conspiracy to riot or incite riot: they owned anarchist literature. As he points out:

The implication is that owning ‘anarchist’ literature is enough to indicate to the FBI that one is a criminal – even if that person happens to be a student studying political thought. Or maybe particularly if you are a student – the FBI document [on domestic terrorism] states that anarchists are ‘educated persons of various backgrounds, often students.

This is particularly worrisome on the heels of the Democratic Party having struck several references to civil liberties from their platform this year, essentially moving rightward to the Republican Party’s position.

Furthermore, Kitty Stryker over at Huffington Post has pointed out all of interesting examples of how both the economies of the United States and the United Kingdom are increasingly relying on illegal and unethical means of cheapening labor costs – namely with unpaid internships and welfare-work agreements below legal minimums. The funny coincidence of this being written for Huffington Post is worth a chuckle.

So, everyone hates each other, can get arrested on virtually no evidence, and probably won’t get paid. Have a fun weekend!

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